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Frequently asked questions

What is the Dreambound Candidate Portal?

Dreambound Candidate Portal (DCP) is where healthcare employers come to find candidates for their job openings. Candidates create a profile by filling out this form which enables employers to browse and learn more about each candidate.

Why did you create the Dreambound candidate portal?

We created the Dreambound Candidate Portal (DCP) to simplify job search for candidates. A candidate no longer needs to complete multiple job applications. By completing the DCP intake form, the candidate will have instant exposure to multiple employers in their area. In most cases, an employer will make a contingent job offer based on information provided by the candidate on the DCP.

Who is the Dreambound candidate portal for?

Dreambound Candidate Portal is for candidates who already are certified in an allied health role or are anticipating a certification in the near future, i.e. either currently enrolled in a CNA school or in the process of taking a state exam.

If you are looking to get certified, you can find classes on Dreambound. We offer CNA, phlebotomy, PCT, Medical Assistant, and many more types of classes.

What happens after I submit the DCP form?

Once you submit the form, our team will then display your application to our partner employers. If we require more details, we will reach out to you.

How can schools add their students to the Dreambound Candidate Portal?

Your candidates can fill out this form to be added to DCP. If you’re Dreambound partner school, candidates we send you are automatically added to DCP. If you’re not a Dreambound partner school and are interested in becoming one, you can learn more here.